Programmatic SEO aka Scaling Pages #009

My take on subject and how I went about it in last years both at Wise as well as my personal SEO projects

  • Programmatic SEO is trending
  • What is it?
  • Wait…..It’s not new
  • Core principles of scaling landing pages – kw research pattern, data, template
  • Kw research
  • Database: CSV, actual DB, APIs 
  • How to build templates
  • Doing it on different platforms WP all import, strapi, dev + DB
  • Starting small get impression clicks
  • Sitemaps, internal linking
  • CMS vs custom code+db
  • Scaling data and maintenance, APIs example if not static DB

Keyword research v1.0 to define site architecture & content types #008

First iteration of keyword research

  • time vs making pages not perfect
  • tools – semrush, ahref,,
  • Structured vs non structured content
  • templated content (landing pages, products, directories)
  • structured
  • competitors architecture
  • work by template in a precise way but still reassess in future
  • non structured content (blog long form)
  • competitors articles + kw tools
  • doing vs precision
  • refine where to go and optimise kw research by series of articles not one by one
  • don’t go back until article it’s at peak and you have more for the same series


  • differentiate by content type the approach
  • don’t waste too much time on day one vs launching pages
  • understand best time for each content format on revisiting the kw research and targeting

Search or Social? Where to start and how to not get stuck? #007

After a long break and some exploration I am back on the project. Deciding between search and social it’s a topic I went through during this slow phase.

Started from securing social media handles

How I thought about social as opposed to focus on search

Evaluating search vs social opportunity and investment time frame

A run through of social platforms and opportunities

Feed based social platforms vs YouTube

YouTube vs publishing SEO content

Youtube if you plan to be serious about it in parallel with search.

Building the first SEO team in your startup #006

Who to hire and how to operate when getting started with SEO in your Startup? In this episode I will cover main choices in building your first SEO team or self start on SEO with support of consultants or agencies.

Traffic Think Tank SEO community –

Semrush community

Ahrefs Blog

Learning SEO by Aleyda Solis

Startup Content Marketing chart by Kevin Indig

Decisions that won’t impact SEO short term #005

It’s very easy to get excited about too many opportunities and end up not moving tangibly your core work. I decided to collect some activities I had to face early days that have close to little SEO impact in the short term.

1 – do them quick time box it

2 – hire someone pro at it

3 – skip and leave for later

Canva –

Mark Christmastrees Business –

Em Candle business –

Shopify –

Semrush –

Ahrefs –

Adsense –

Amazon Affiliate –

Google analytics –

Google search console –

Early stage SEO Blog Content Production #004

Setting the ground for building a successful editorial team from the very start. How to research, produce and publish SEO content on your blog.

My old presentation –

Semrush intelligence tool by page –

Semrush competitive tool –

Semrush keyword magic –

Semrush SEO content template –

Sourcing writers –

Buy? Plug and Play? Build? Choosing your technical setup #003

After a WordPress MVP I went through few considerations in order to lay the ground for the future technical setup of my website.


Nitropack –

Next JS >

How to pick a SEO friendly brand name #002

Picking a brand name is definitely one of the most sensitve subjects with long term impact on your business. Thinking about SEO first will save you money and time in future. In this episode I will cover everything from researching brand names to buying to domains and social media proporties to establish your online presence.

Links to stuff I mention in the recording:

Brand name generators –

Premium domains sellers – –

Domain marketplace –

Expired domains –

Nord VPN –

Wipo trademark search –

Link Audit – / /

Web archive past content audit –

Link to my sheet –

Google survey –

Escrow service –

Validate your startup idea via SEO – #001

In this episode I will try to sum up how I approached the research and validated the potential of the business I am about to launch over the past 2 years. What areas I covered and what key challenges I tried to build confidence on.

Links to stuff I mention in the recording: (pick a plan with unlimited add on domains and 1 click WP install)

Import any XML or CSV File to WordPress

Intro – STARTUP SEO with Fab

Fabrizio Ballarini Intro to my 30 days project