Keyword research v1.0 to define site architecture & content types #008

First iteration of keyword research

  • time vs making pages not perfect
  • tools – semrush, ahref,,
  • Structured vs non structured content
  • templated content (landing pages, products, directories)
  • structured
  • competitors architecture
  • work by template in a precise way but still reassess in future
  • non structured content (blog long form)
  • competitors articles + kw tools
  • doing vs precision
  • refine where to go and optimise kw research by series of articles not one by one
  • don’t go back until article it’s at peak and you have more for the same series


  • differentiate by content type the approach
  • don’t waste too much time on day one vs launching pages
  • understand best time for each content format on revisiting the kw research and targeting